CHANGXING Connected Car OS


Corporate valuations : 750 million RMB

The intellectual property wholly-owned Telematics has huge amounts of competitiveness in the field of internet + vehicle industry. The Changxing T-Box is the central intelligence entry of Smart Car. With its core technology to protect and upgrade the central intelligence, Changxing T-Box has built up an open-ended technology and service platform. It is an enormous of advantages for Changxing to independently develop the platform and intellectual property wholly-owned vehicle system. Allied with Panasonic, Alpine and Google, based on the tailor-made Android system, Changxing has build up its intellectual property wholly-owned Telematics OS.

What Changxing has possessed, will certainly bring the infinite possibility to future smart city and will lead the change of industry structure of vehicle, finance and internet.

From the perspective of investors and financial capital, the automobile aftermarket has become more and more important with the rapid growth of car parc and vehicle age, including the self-driving technology. The Group is optimistic about the continuous reinforcement of advanced intelligent auxiliary driving technology. With the transforming from auxiliary driving to active controlling, the technology will be more sophisticated and will be more acceptable to the market. From the perspective of value investing, Changxing and its Telematics LBS service platform is the auxiliary driving technology integration of information collection, information processing, human-vehicle interaction and information communication, which has the unlimited business potential.