President Club

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“Beijing, Tianjing and Hebei Entrepreneurs Association” (President Club) is created for gathering the resources of entrepreneurs, business leaders, economists and diplomats in Beijing, Tianjing, Hebei and the rest of country. Combined with contemporary entrepreneur culture, President Club is devoted to stimulate the sustainable development of regional economy and society, and to build up a win-win multilateral platform organization of communication, exchanging, friendship and cooperation.

Concept: sharing wisdom, resources, lifestyle, success
Identification: stimulating the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the development of regional business
Philosophy: knowledge, integration, persistence

President Club is a membership club converging numerous of chairmen and presidents in real estate, (technology) industry and finance. The club is invested by Tianjing Tianmei Assets Management Co., Ltd and operated by Bridge Capital Investment Group.

Relying on the political, cultural and enterprise environment, the national strategy and economic opportunities of globalization, President Club has introduced the “light assets” of coastal area such as financial industry, technology and innovation industry, culture and education industry, tourism and health care industry, information and service industry to Beijing, Tianjing and Hebei. It will help the local economy to eliminate the outdated productive capacity by optimization and integration of industries

We have established our association in this ancient building, Tianjin Kailuan Mining Administration Building, to invite well-known entrepreneurs in Beijing, Tianjing and Hebei and to building up high-end human resource and value shared platform.