Tianjin Kailuan Mining Bureau Building

Real Estate

Project GFA:9180
Project Type: business recruiting, operation and management

Founded in 1921, the building was designed by American engineer Edicsonand Dallas of English Department of English Engineering Company. The architecture is a three-floor mixed structure with basement, with an area of 9180.23㎡total. The building isthe classic three segment compositionedifice which is strictly symmetricalwith 14 Ionic pillars penetrating ground to first floor in the front elevation, as well as the classic architraves ofentablature and bottom.It is the typical Greek classic Renaissance style, simple, elegant and dignified.

Introducing and cooperating with Microsoft (China), The Group has made “Wicrosoft”a energetic and healthy ecological system which can benefit from the preferential policiesof office space and project support. In the mean time, Microsoft will provide a series of training program and business incubation, financing and marketing guidance for registered enterprises, which will bring the opportunities and development space.