Modern Service

Corporate Valuations: 1 billion

As the middle-class consumption upgrading e-commerce platform, Yhouse will become the biggest beneficiary in the fast-growing mobile marketing time. With its clear profit model, the user value of YHouse has been approved and paid by advertisers. As the founder of Internet business of the global rich, YHouse is the high-end vertical life community. It has congregated the largest number of rich people and high-end life pursuer with its unique pattern of on-line life community and off-line experiential service. YHouse has been awarded Top 100 Asian Technology Companies 2013 by famous international VC Magazine “Red Herring”. Five months after the launch of APP, YHouse has exceeded one million registered users and officially recommended by Apple Store. YHouse ranks steadily between 10th to 20th in news APP and ranks the first in lifestyle APP.

Leading investors: SAIF Partners China, Fortune Capital