Zhonggu Shipping

Modern Service/Equity Investment

Company valuation :10 billion RMB

Zhonggu is one of the important leading coastal logistics shipping companies which The Group has invested. Zhonggu is a large integrated enterprise focusing on coastal container shipping as well as the relative industries, aiming to become the powerful multi-functional group with shipping, logistics, trade, finance capacity. More than 60 vessels, millions of tons of shipping capacity, 150000 standard containers in use, more than 500 TEU container throughput per year, Zhonggu has become the strong logistics shipping support of national economic growth and people’s life.

The parent company of Zhoonggu has set foot in coastal container shipping area since 2003. It has more than 10 years’ operation experience in shipping industry and keep 30% increasing each year. In the latest Top 100 Operated fleets, Zhonggu ranks the 7th globally, and has more than 4.1 billion operation income. The Group will issue the private placement and will help Zhonggu with IPO process.