About Bridge Capital

Originally established overseas, Bridge Capital is reputably built on the base of sincerity and credibility. Righteousness and trustworthiness are the two most crucial aspects of the foundation of Bridge Capital ,as well as its pathway to great fortunes and reputation. Bridge Capital is committed to becoming a bridge of integrity and stability, a hub of global capital, a legend of fortunes, and a partner of the soaring Chinese economy.

Equity Investment and Asset Management are two main business functions of Bridge Capital ,offering services in a vast range of industries including Internet + Finance, Real Estate, TMT, Health, securities financing, fund management as well as professional asset management on international standards.

As one of the few comprehensive investment management service providers in China who offer a wide range of business synergies and are valuable to work with, Bridge Capital Investment Group, is proud to help its clients build great enterprises through optimal capital synergies by gathering effective industrial resources and creating enormous value.