Business Mode
Project/Equity Financing

As one of Bridge Capital traditional business model and many years of experience in investment and financing management. Having successfully managed tens of billions of yuan worth of assets, both its clients and the company itself have profited greatly. Bridge Capital has a wide range of services, including direct equity investment, mezzanine financing, convertible bond financing, sustainable debt financing, and mortgage financing. We aim aid our clients to eventually and successfully reach their destinations of becoming public companies.

Fund Management

Bridge Capital has a professional fund management team skillfully experienced in management and marketing. The team worked in cooperation with associated partners to earn profits beyond their clients’ expectations. 

Real Estate

In the past couple of years, Bridge Capital has worked along with numbers domestic financial groups, as well as other business giants and experienced developers in the field on China's real estate industry 。
As the real estate industry in China matures, Bridge Capital will continue to center on asset-light and to increase value for clients’ enterprises through multiple investment practices including equity investment and private financing. Bridge Capital is devoted to both synergizing global resources by creating maximum wealth with minimum capital, and to becoming the leader of the Chinese real estate industry.

Internet + Finance
Bridge Capital Investment Group stays up to date with investment opportunities in a global context. Its insight  on technology and emerging industries is reflected in its farseeing investment concepts which tightly follow Chinese economic reform. Bridge Capital has already seized the first chance in the internet + finance market through a wide range of investment approaches. Bridge Capital invested in Gaotime Information Co. Ltd. through equity investment and became a major shareholder.  (Gaotime has become a leading internet + finance investment management organization which offers integrative solutions for consulting, data, and IT.)
Health Industry
Across the globe, a lot of capital is flowing into the health industry. With rich experience in real estate and connections to a global investors network, Bridge Capital will ride the trend and set foot in the Chinese health market in different sub-areas, including retirement real estate, ecological tourism, health and medical treatments, biological medicine, and planting and breeding industries. By 2020, it will invest in and establish three listed companies.
TMT Industry

The TMT Industry is an integral part of internet + information society. The IT industry develops 30% every year, and has now become a backbone and platform for a variety of industries.  Bridge Capital works with the famous professional manager Jun Tang, and they jointly invested one billion yuan for the acquisition of Wicresoft. Currently at Wicresoft, Bridge Capital and Jun Tang are co-holding shares with  Microsoft to provide technical solutions to leading companies in a variety of industries, including high technology, telecommunications, medicine, trade, manufacturing, retail, and distribution. Bridge Capital will build the future Internet of Things in the financial industry and become a leader in China’s TMT industry.


Modern Service

The modern service industry is an informative and knowledge intensive service industry; based on a new business model, service type and management method. During the development of China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), the modern service industry has contributed nearly 50% to China’s GDP growth.
The modern service industry is known for the spectacular tertiary and high-tech industry within it, and soon, it will become the next crucial factor to China’s booming economy. The modern service industry will also help to accelerate the process of upgrading industrial structure and transforming economic developing mode in China.
Bridge capital invested strategically into Zhonggu Shipping Group. According to the newest data from Alphaliner, Zhonggu Shipping Group is ranked 7th on the chart for ship capacity, bringing the behavior of larger foreign and domestic enterprises dominating China Mainland’s shipping logistics market to an end.